Rent property in Curaçao

Renting a home in Curaçao is a good option if you do not know the island very well and you want to decide if you want to live here permanently. Renting offers a more flexible type of living than owning a home, you can move somewhere else relatively quickly.

Rental homes are often offered completely furnished which is great if you do not plan to live here more than just a few months or years.

Find a place to rent.

When you’re looking for a place to rent think carefully about the type of property you’d like to rent. Are you looking for an apartment or a home with a large garden? Does the property needs to be fully furnished or do you prefer unfurnished?

Budgeting and finances.

When you’re renting keep in mind certain costs that depend on the type of property. We have a list with questions you can ask us when you have found your property.

Following new Dutch laws, the agents commission is paid by the home owner when the house is rented to a private person. Renters do not pay commission to the agent for finding them a rental home unless the rent is in the name of a company.

At the time of publishing all information was found to be correct but please note that all of the above is solely for information purposes and proper legal advice should always be taken before renting property in Curaçao or any foreign country apart from that you reside in.