Rent out your Home

What does it cost to rent out your property?

Renting a property can be settled with a contract through Century 21. Renting out your house includes a listing on our Century 21 website that ranks high in searches and has many visitors. Century 21 provides the photos, description, placement on our website, the inspections and the preparation of the lease and the completion of the contract. The costs for renting out your home is equal to one month rent + 6% sales tax based on a contract for 12 months. Based on a contract for a rental period of 1 to 3 years, the costs will be one and a half months rent +6% sales tax. For a rental period longer than 3 years the costs for renting out your property is equal to 2 month’s rent +6% sales tax.

How does a rental pool work?

A rental pool contains a certain number of apartments of different owners for a number of months per year for tourists to rent as holiday accommodations. These are furnished apartments with a semi – residential destination. The owner may, for example reside in the apartment for two months per year, the remaining 10 months; it can be rented out to tourists by tourism companies and supervised by an administrator. Such a construction is recorded in a ‘rental pool agreement’, and can’t simply be terminated without paying a fine.

Are the rentals income taxed?

Incomes from rental property in private ownership are made taxable for 65 %.

At the time of publishing all information was found to be correct but please note that all of the above is solely for information purposes.